Nanovia PC-ABS Rail : EN 45545-2

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Nanovia PC-ABS Rail is an FFF filament made using UL V0 and NF EN 45545-2 certified materials for the railroad sector, adhering to its strict flammability resistance, low smoke and toxic fumes factor. This ABS and polycarbonate composite has improved usage temperatures over ABS whilst printing similar. Nanovia PC-ABS Rail is useable up to 115 °C.




3D Printing

Extrusion temperature270 – 290°C
Plate temperature120°C
Enclosure temperature90°C
Nozzle (minimal)0.4mm
Diameter1.75 & 2.85mm+/- 50µm

Mechanical properties


Density1.21g/cm3ISO 1183


Test de traction imprimé 3D à 0 degrés
Results based on test specimens 3D printed at 0°, along with the tension stress.
Young’s modulus2620MPaISO 527/1A
Ultimate strength60MPaISO 527/1A
Ultimate strength elongation3.7%ISO 527/1A


Young’s modulus2610MPaISO 178


IZOD (Notched)20kJ/m²ISO 180/1A
Charpy (Notched)45kJ/m²ISO 179/1eA

Thermal properties

HDT111°CASTN D648 0.45 MPa
100°CASTN D648 1.82 MPa
FlammabilityV-0at 1.5 mmUL 94

Norme EN 45545-2 base material

Conforms toR22, R23
Risk levelHL1, HL2, HL3


Download the technical chart Download the security chart

Norm NF EN 45545-2 was created In order to secure the transport of railway passengers and limit fire related risks during an incident. This is done by imposing certain criteras regarding the non-flamability of material as well as the non-release of smoke and toxic fumes.

Easier to print than a native polycarbonate, Nanovia PC-ABS Rail is based on such a material and can be used to create secure componants for enclosed spaces.

Examples: arm rests, hooks, storage racks, hinges, electrical enclosures etc…


  • Made using 45545-2:2013+A1:2015 certified material
  • Very good fire resistance

Application recommendations


  • Store Nanovia PC-ABS Rail in a dry and dark location, if possible with a desiccant.
  • In order to guarantee good printing conditions dehydrate Nanovia PC-ABS Rail at 60 °C for 4 hours or longer, when the spools has been exposed to moisture for an extended period.


  • Extrusion temperature : 270 – 290 °C
  • Plate temperature : 120 °C
  • Enclosure temperature : 90 °C

Post treatment

  • For an outdoor usage, it’s recommended either paint or apply a protective UV coating, both polycabonate and ABS are sensitive to UV radiation, and might “yellow” or crack otherwise in the long term.

Health and safety


  • We recommend printing Nanovia PC-ABS Rail in a room equipped with air extraction or by using appropriate breathing equipment.

Post treatment

  • We recommend wearing standard safety equipment during the post treatment of your prints made with Nanovia PC-ABS Rail.


  • Certification RoHS Nanovia PC-ABS Rail : nanovia PC-ABS Rail certifié RoHS


Spools are packed in individual boxes, vacuum sealed with desiccant. Spools are equipped with both a material traciblity and a production series number.

Other sizes available up to 25kg on demand.

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2kg928930017552668 g

Additional information

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1.75 mm, 2.85 mm


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