Ouverture estivale à Nanovia

Our company remains open throughout the summer to meet your needs. Take advantage of our usual services during this summer period !

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Development and manufacturing of 3D printer filament

Nanovia develops a premium range of composites, metal, and ceramic thermoplastic filaments for the additive manufacturing and plastic injection industries, as well as producing a range of consumables, all of which we distribute worldwide.

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Based in Brittany, France, Nanovia has been developing and tailoring our products with, and for, the aeronautical, naval, automobile, paramedical and defence industries since it’s inception in 2014.

Filament by specification

Nanovia’s R&D Department, composed of both material and chemical engineers, is constantly developing new composites and filaments to ensure that we are always pushing the manufacture of additives forward and fulfilling the needs of our client in industry.

As we are able to respond directly to a client’s specific requirements, Nanovia can develop a composite solution that will perfectly fit your specific needs, be it micro charges, carbon, glass, aramid, ceramic, metal or even natural fibers.

Let us create your perfect filament, to your specific needs

Products made for industrial use

Thanks to our manufacturing experience and R&D capabilities, Nanovia is continually expanding our catalogue of over 40 references.

Nanovia creates products for a wide range of applications including mechanical pieces, functional prototypes, tooling, flexible parts, moulding equipment that resists autoclave sterilisation and automatic tape laying, tooling, flexible parts, etc…

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Nanovia FGF Pellets : Available now

Nanovia’s composite products are henceforth also available in pellet form for FGF (Fused Granulate Fabrication) as well as for plastic injection molding.

You can see the first of this new range of products on our pellets page. With all our products being available on demand in pellet form.

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Opening hours

Come and visit us at Louargat in the Côtes-d'Armor, FRANCE, Our business hours are: Monday to Thursday : 8h to 18h, Friday : 8h to 16h.


  • ZA de Saint Paul
  • 22540 LOUARGAT

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Our partners

Since its creation in 2014, Nanovia has been developing its product range in partnership with a number of laboratories and industries including those in the aeronautical, automotive and defence sectors. This has enabled us to create products that are extremely adaptable to a wide range of varied and specific needs.

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