Engrenage résistant au feu imprimé 3D avec le filament Nanovia PC-ABS V0

Material Profile : Nanovia PC-ABS V0 and PC-ABS Rail

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PC-ABS is a common polymer in the plastic industry, It is often used for body work and shells thanks to its high shock absorbing qualities.

Aile en Nanovia PC-ABS V0

It’s the first fire resistant (V0) material that is able to withstand continuous temperatures of over 100°C.

Compared to both polycarbonate and ABS it’s more rigid, and has its ultimate resistance square in the middle of them.

PC-ABS is easier to use in additive fabrication compared to native polycarbonate. Unlike the latter, PC-ABS is 3D printable with a non heated enclosure.

PC-ABS is available in many versions, with different compositions and additives.

Nanovia has two kinds of PC-ABS available for 3D printing, Nanovia PC-ABS V0 and Nanovia PC-ABS Rail. Both are V0, meaning that they stop combusting when the source of a flame is removed.

The thicker a part is, the harder it is to light it on fire. PC-ABS parts can be 1.5mm thin and not ignite.

Nanovia PC-ABS Rail is also certified with the railway EN 45545-2 norm for smoke and toxic gas generation.

Nanovia PC-ABS V0’s resistance sits precisely in between native ABS and PC at 43MPa, whereas Nanovia PC-ABS rail sits closer to Nanovia PC CF‘s resistance thanks to the additives necessary for the EN 45545-2 certification.

 Density g/cm3Rigidity (Young MPa)Ultimate resistance (MPa)Fire resistancePrice/kilo (€ sans VAT)
PC-ABS V01,18251043V0 at 1,5mm52,25
PC-ABS Rail1,21261060V0 at 1,5mm
EN 45545-2
64 ,60
ABS EF (Natif)1,03180033Flammable30,85
PC VO (natif)1,20216553V0 at 3mm52,25
PC CF (carbon fibre)1,26639087Non certified99,75
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