Omni3D profils d'impression Nanovia

Omni3D printing profiles available

February 8, 2024 Published by

With the help of ERM and Bretagne Impression 3D, we profiled and characterized every Nanovia filament on the Omni TECH (Factory 2.0 NET).

These 20 new Simplify3D printing profiles are compatible with he whole Omni3D range, and are integrated with the printer (via the SD slot)

As such, it’s possible to access a full range of 100% French technical composite filaments.

Omni3D specializes in the big volume industrial printers. The Omni TECH model has a heated enclosure of 70 °C at 500x500x570 mm, and offers printing heads able to extrude up to 500 °C.

These features allow the printing of Nanovia’s composite materials up to 24 mm³/s, at high precision, thanks to the actively cooled extruder.

For more information on the Omni3D range, and large volume additive fabrication, you can contact Bretagne Impression 3D, official Nanovia distributor, or ERM Fabtest.

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Available profiles :

  • Nanovia ABS AF
  • Nanovia ABS CF
  • Nanovia ABS EF
  • Nanovia ABS ESD
  • Nanovia Istroflex
  • Nanovia PA Food Industry
  • Nanovia PA Rail
  • Nanovia PA-6 CF
  • Nanovia PC-ABS V0
  • Nanovia PC-ABS Rail
  • Nanovia PC V0
  • Nanovia PC CF
  • Nanovia PETG
  • Nanovia PETG CF
  • Nanovia PETG ESD
  • Nanovia PETG GF UV
  • Nanovia PLA EF
  • Nanovia PLA Flax
  • Nanovia PLA Wood
  • Nanovia TPU 70D
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