Nanovia Plastimperm : Waterproofing

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Nanovia Plast F10 allow you to waterproof your print as well as make them resistant to oils and certain chemicals.

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Appearance Colourless aqueous solution
Chemical propertiesCationic
SolubleWater / Ethanol
Application100-300g / m2
pH6 – 7
Density1.02 g / cm3
Boiling point100 °C (212 °F)




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Nanovia Plastimperm is an aqueous formulation designed to make 3D FDM printed thermoplastics impermeable from water, oils, and certain solvents.

Applicable on hydro sensitive materials such as poyamides and PLA, Nanovia Plastimperm will protect your 3D prints from humidity and petroleum products such as white spirit, limoneme, ethyl acetate, acetone…

Adapted for composite materials, ceramics, and thermosetting polymers such as epoxy resins, polyurethane, and polyesters.

Nanovia Plastimperm is non filmogenic and doesn’t change the material’s colour or mechanical properties when dried.

Treated products with Nanovia Plastimperm can no longer be painted, varnished or glued.


  • Excellent hydrofuge and oleofuge properties
  • Water based solution
  • Anti stain
  • Easy cleaning
  • Long lasting (depending on use and exposure)
  • Anti stick
  • Invisible finish


Nanovia Plastimperm is a ready for use product. Shake before use. For a perfect application only apply Nanovia Plastimperm on a clean surface devoid of dust, grease, or any residual chemical.

It’s possible to use Nanovia plastimperm with the following methods, in two layers of 100 à 300g/m2 depending on the material’s porosity.

Brushed / Sprayed

  • Nanovia Plastimperm can be directly sprayed or brushed on the 3D printed piece in 2-3 even layers. Prints sprayed with Nanovia Plastimperm are ready for use after 12 hours of drying at room temperature.
  • Using a chemical formula adapted air brush (using a toric seal) is recommended.


  • Ideal for small pieces, it’s possible to directly submerge your 3D prints in Nanovia Plastimperm for 1-2 minutes 2-3 times. Prints treated this way are ready for use after 12 hours of drying at room temperature.

It’s possible to accelerate the drying process by heating up the 3D print up to 40°C.


Jug500 mL / 1 L / 5 L
Barril30 L / 60 L / 225 L
ContainerContainer 1 000 L

Product formulated, manufactored and packaged in France by SAS NANOVIA – EMB 22162A.

Storage and stability

Nanovia Plastimperm is stable for a full year when stored in its original container in a temperature range of 4 to 45 °C (39 to 113 ° F), it’s use date is indicated on the label. Nanovia Plastimperm is sensible to below 0 temperatures.

After a long rest a decantation that doesn’t affect the product’s efficiency can appear, shake the product before use.


  • Nanovia Plastimperm is REACH / CLP 2015 certified
  • Please read the material safety data sheet before use
  • Product stable in recommended storage conditions
  • Use in a ventilated area with standard safety equipment (eyewear and gloves)
  • Properly dispose of Nanovia Plastimperm by following the instructions on the label


  • Certification RoHS Nanovia Plastimperm F10 : nanovia plastimperm f10 certified RoHS

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