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Newsletter – 3D printing filaments with neutron absorption, virucidal, and anti electrostatic discharge properties

May 3, 2023 Published by

Nanovia B4C : Neutron absorber

Mid-april we revealed Nanovia Flex B4C, this composite filament is at 25% by weight composed out of boron carbide which is able to absorb free neutrons from nuclear fission.

This semi rigid filament allows for 3D printed shock resistant objects for both the nuclear industry and medical sector.

To learn how bore-10 absorbs free neutrons you can click here.

Nanovia VX, virucidal filaments : New colour

The Nanovia VX range is now available in its native green colour. These ISO 21702 certified filaments are able to eliminate and prevent the spread of various viruses and bacteria. Nanovia VX is suited for high traffic areas, as well as laboratory equipment.

Nanovia PLA VX is now available in green, with Nanovia Flex VX soon to follow.

During the development of this new version, we had to pleasure to welcome Émilien Bernard at our factory in Louargat, France, for an interview with Jacques Pelleter, Nanovia’s founder.

Nanovia PETG ESD : Antistatic discharge

Mid-February, we launched Nanovia PETG ESD. This filament has a conductive ceramic filling able to evacuate static electricity generated by electronic components such as motherboards and motors.

If this static electricity is not progressively discharge, it risks to accumulate and generate an electrostatic shock strong enough to harm sensitive components.

Thanks to its ceramic base, and not carbon like our Nanovia ABS ESD, this filament is also suited for white room usage.

How Nanovia develops 3D printer filaments on demand

Our material catalogue spans over 30 product references of different polymers. 

Many of these filaments are the result of our experience of on demand developments, the process of which is detailed on our new “Nanovia Development” page.

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