Nanovia VX : 95,3 % of viruses eliminated in only 1 hour

June 22, 2021 Published by
efficacité virucide nanovia pla vx virus H1N1

Revealed late 2020, Nanovia’s VX range allows for the creation of certified virucidal pieces as well as the development of structures sensible to biological contaminations in both medical and industrial fields.

Working alongside these industries, Nanovia improved the efficiency of its range, eliminating up to 95.3% of coronaviruses (h1n1) in only 1 hour. These tests have been realized on 3D FDM printed test samples using the ISO norm 21702: Measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces

Nanovia Flex VX95,3 %98,7 %99,7%99,9 %
Nanovia PLA VX86,8 %98,7 %99,9 %99,9 %

Printability of the Nanovia VX range has also been optimized, making it accessible to all.

Moreso, the VX pellets for plastic injection already proven versatile in industrial application, and are now also available in film form for direct application and vacuum / thermo forming.

Already available at our reseller network, come and discover Nanovia VX.

produits imprimés avec nanovia vx

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