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Zoom on the Nanovia PA-6 CF filament

May 2, 2022 Published by

This composite filament is made up out of a polyamide 6 base and carbon fibers.

Cette matrice polymère contenant des fonctions amide possède une excellente résistance à la fatigue mais With its polymer matrix of the “amid” family,  Nanovia PA-6 CF proves excellent in chemical and wear resistance as well as good thermal resistance up to 100°C. une résistance chimique et thermique (jusqu’à 100°C) extrêmement intéressante.

The addition of carbon fibers adds rigidity and solidity to the printed part. They also improve the strength – resistance ratio and limit the warping tendency that PA-6 natively has. The latter also helps with plate adhesion and dimensional stability.

Nanovia PA-6 advantages can be summed up as :

  • Mechanical resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Shock absorption
  • Inter layer adhesion
  • Ease of printing

All these advantages make it a staple material in numerous sectors such as automotive parts, high wear, functional parts, medical equipment

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