Why use PA Food Industry?

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Why use PA Food Industry?

1 – Food compliance: PA Food Industry is formulated to comply with strict regulations governing materials in contact with food. This ensures that objects printed with this material are safe for use in environments where they will come into direct contact with food products.

2 – Mechanical properties: This material offers excellent mechanical resistance, making it suitable for the manufacture of durable parts resistant to mechanical stress, such as parts for food processing machinery.

3 – Chemical resistance: It has good resistance to chemicals commonly used in food environments, enabling manufactured parts to withstand frequent cleaning and corrosive environments without deteriorating.

4 – Ease of sterilization: Objects manufactured with PA Food Industry can be sterilized, which is essential in the food sector to prevent bacterial contamination and guarantee hygiene.

5 – Versatility of application: PA Food Industry is suitable for a wide range of applications in the food industry, from spare parts for food production machinery to specific utensils and tools used in the food manufacturing and handling process.

6 – Surface quality: The material produces prints with good surface quality, reducing the risk of contamination and facilitating cleaning of printed parts.


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