Le PETG CF dans le sport en impression 3D

Optimize your stock with 3D printing

June 27, 2024 Published by

Le PETG CF dans le sport en impression 3D

📈 Optimize your stock with 3D printing 📈


1 – Operational simplicity

Simplified configuration: Working with a single material standardizes printing parameters, reducing the time needed to adjust printer settings between different materials.

Less maintenance: 3D printers often require specific cleaning and maintenance depending on the materials used. Using a single material reduces the need for frequent changes and associated maintenance.

2 – Cost savings

Purchase savings: Buying a single material in larger quantities can lead to volume price reductions.

Less waste: Using a single material minimizes leftovers and waste associated with frequent material changes, reducing waste and associated costs.

3 – Print quality and consistency

Consistency: Using a single material ensures consistent print quality, as the mechanical and aesthetic properties of the material are well understood and optimized.

4 -Efficient inventory management

Simplified inventory: Managing a single type of material simplifies inventory and reduces storage requirements, facilitating stock management.

5 -Ease of training and competence

Simplified training: Training staff in the use of a single material is quicker and easier, as there’s no need to teach the nuances of several materials.

Increased expertise: Focusing on a single material enables operators to become experts in the use of that material, improving print quality and efficiency.


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