Nanovia Flex vx poignée de porte

Usage case of Nanovia Flex VX : Door handles

August 10, 2022 Published by

As often the case, one of the first practical applications of our new materials for 3D printing is for internal usage.

After the first wave of Covid-19, we developed two certified virucide (ISO 21702) filaments.

And it’s with that material that we’ve printed door handle covers for the entirety of our production unit. Those who have visited us since might recognize the green colour of native Nanovia Flex VX.

It’s thanks to these handles that we’ve limited the propagation of viruses and bacteria, and made sure that a flue on one end of the building doesn’t contaminate those on the other end.

This is a direct example of something applicable in most environments. And it’s with this in mind that we will be continuing to develop this product range using more specialized polymers for our industrial clients.

Nanovia Flex VX covered door handle


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