Charte d'engagment ProMilès

ProMilès Military support engagement charter

July 7, 2023 Published by

Organized earlier this month by the MEDEF, 29 Breton companies, among which, the western defence cluster members signed the PROMILES engagement charter.

Nanovia, represented by Jacques Pelleter, attended this event and signed the charter under the supervision of army corps general Laurent Muchon.

This charter aims at assisting ex-military personnel and family members to integrate local compagnies, and if needed propose adapted working conditions and flexible hours.

participants : AeroNet, Aster Technologies, Apizee, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest, BRC, Cerfrance, Cordon Electronics, Dalmard Marine, DM2A, Enedis, Etudes de travaux Armor, Groupe Kermarrec, Groupe MARC, Hôspital Privé Sévigné, Impressions, Lumibird, Nanovia, MEDEF, Moba Group, Persès Communication, Pégase Communication, PMEx, Prolann, SEAir, Serres Crysland, Titan Holding, Tole Power System, Winfarm Group, Yves Rocher

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