Primante3D : Saint-Honoré Paris uses wood 3D printing for a more eco responsible fashion industry. (french language)

February 14, 2024 Published by

Learn more about our collaboration with Saint-Honoré Paris and our PLA Wood and its use for the creation of mannequins in Primante3D‘s latest article.

In this emerging niche of 3D wood printing, Saint-Honoré Paris, a French company specializing in displays and window mannequins for fashion and house brands, haute couture, is one of the very few players in the world to master this technology.

From raw materials to 3D printing, the company can claim a full control, even owning its forests which it exploits with draft horses specially trained to haul wood.

Primante 3D

Read the full article (french) : https://www.primante3d.com/saint-honore-paris-12022024/

Crédit image : Saint Honoré Paris


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