• 2014 : Jacques Pelleter creates Nanovia
  • 2014 : Recycling of aeronautical waste (Carbon fibres)
  • 2015 : Nanovia Istroflex is created and wins CCI Morbihan inovation trophee Read more
  • 2015 : Nanovia ABS et PETG carbon and aramid fibres launch (Projet fil3D pro)
  • 2015 : Création of the biocomposite Nanovia PLA flax fibres (with université de Lorient)
  • 2018 : Launch of Nanovia PEKK and PEI, high temperature technical filaments
  • 2020 : Development of continious fibre fabrication (Projet Filslit)
  • 2020 : First patent publication
  • August 2020 : Nanovia welcomes two new employees
  • Octobre 2020 : Nanovia’s new office extension finishes construction at its production site in Louargat, France Read more
  • Décembre 2020 : Nanovia VX launch: Virucide ISO 21702 Read more
  • March 2021 : Launch of metal and ceramic sintering filaments, Nanovia Mt & Cr
  • Octobre 2021 : Label « As used by the french armed forces »
  • Novembre 2021 : aunch of Nanovia EXP: expansive FDM filaments Read more

Projets en cours

  • Spring : Development of a high grade aeronautical material
  • Ioda : Creation of 3D printed batteries
  • Samfast : Creation of 3D printed injection moulds


You can download high resolution versions of the photos below by clicking on them.

3D printer filament spools

Nanovia PLA Lin: renforcé aux fibres de lin

Nanovia PLA Flax: flax fibre reinforced

Nanovia PEKK CF: renforcé de fibres de carbone

Nanovia PEKK CF: carbon fibre reinforced

PC-PTFE: Faible coefficient de frottement

PC-PTFE: low friction

Nanovia PLA VX: Virucide ISO 21702

Nanovia PLA VX: Virucide ISO 21702


granules plastiques

Plastic pellets, the base of a filament

granules et exemple d'impression 3D Nanovia

Pellets and 3D printed example

plan approché du filament Nanovia PLA lin

Close-up of Nanovia PLA Flax

pièce imprimé en nanovia petg cf fibres de carbone

A print made from Nanovia PETG CF: carbon fibre reinforced


enbobinage de filament a impresion 3D nanovia

The making of 3D printer filament

tourets de filament nanovia

25 kg Nanovia spools

tourets filament 3D nanovia

Nanovia filament spools vertical


locaux nanovia a louargat

Nanovia main office in Louargat

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Vector (.SVG)

locaux nanovia a louargat

Logo Nanovia Smart Materials for Advanced Industrials (.SVG)

locaux nanovia a louargat

Logo Nanovia

logo nanovia vx

Logo Nanovia VX (.PNG)

Bitmap (.PNG)

locaux nanovia a louargat

Logo Nanovia Smart Materials for Advanced Industrials .PNG

locaux nanovia a louargat

Logo Nanovia (.PNG)



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