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New product range : Nanovia EXP – expansive FDM filamants

November 5, 2021 Published by

Nanovia EXP (expansive) is based on a patented technique of closed and open micro capsules, allowing the 3D printing of pieces with variable densities by modulating the extrusion temperature.

The EXP range will debut with the nylon based Nanovia Flex EXP, which has a variable density between 100 and 40%. Printable on any 3D printer without enclosure.

By varying the extrusion temperatures and flow debit (more expansion, less debit) it is possible to create full pieces with different mechanical properties by zone.

For example reinforced wing filling, soles, and any complex shape designed to absorb shocks.

printing concepts using for full pieces with variable densities

Nanovia Flex EXP will be available early Decemeber 2021.

Along with Nanovia Flex EXP we are developing EXP version based on PLA and PETG polymers initially. These will allow for the creation of lighter pieces with better shock absorption capabilities, all whilst conserving key mechanical properties.

New Nanovia EXP products with properties adapted for medical usage are currently in development.

To follow the development of Nanovia EXP please consult our news section.


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