Nanovia Mt et Cr filaments pour frittage

Nanovia Mt & Cr launch

April 19, 2021 Published by
Nanovia Cr filament a impression 3D métallique destiné au frittage
Nanovia Cr filament a impression 3D céramique destiné au frittage

Nanovia announces its new range of metallic and ceramic filaments for sintering, Nanovia Mt(Metal), and Nanovia Cr (Ceramic).

Using a standard 3D printer this new range of filaments allows for the creation of dense metallic and ceramic pieces, with a final sintering step.

This final step is aided by its patented technology without chemical debinding, and a retraction of only 10-15% depending on the piece.

Nanovia Mt and Cr additive fabrication offers an alternative to subtractive production methods (tooling, milling, etc) for both metals and ceramics.

Nanovia Mt and Cr allows for the creation of structures only possible via 3D printing, with materials that traditionally were out of its realm. It is for example possible to tool the “green” pieces before sintering, allowing for hybrid fabrication methods

The Nanovia Mt and Cr range are available on both 500g and 2kg spools for additive fabrication, but also in pellet for for MIM and CIM injection molding fabrication.

Nanovia Mt Inox 316L is available now on

The latter will be joined soon by Nanovia Cr SiC (Sicilicium carbure), an extremely tough material that can resist temperatures up to 2000°C.

Available soon :

  • Nanovia Mt Inconel
  • Nanovia Mt Titanium
  • Nanovia Cr SiC
  • Nanovia Cr Alumine
  • Nanovia Cr Zircone

For more information you can contact us at .

En savoir plus

How does the sintering work ?

The sintering of Nanovia Mt & Cr products happens in two combined steps :

  • Debinding on a relaticly low temperature ;
  • Sintering on high temperature

These two steps take place in the same oven without any chemical debinding. The exacte debinging and sintering temperatures can be found on the product technical data sheet.

What is a “green” piece ?

A “green” piece is a “raw” print that has yet to be sintered, versus a “brown” piece that has.

What is “debinging” ?

Debinding is the elimination of the organic compound. This phase evacuates the plastic binder before the sintering step.

Why tool “green” pieces before sintering ?

Certains matériaux, dont la gamme Cr sont complexes à usiner, après avoir été frittés, en raison de leurs propriétés abrasives et de dureté. Usiner ces pièces dès l’étape « verte » permet par exemple d’affiner ou de modifier la pièce avant frittage. Some materials, especially those in the Cr range, can be extremely tough to tool due to their abrasive nature and hardness in their brown phase. Retooling these pieces in their green phase is very easy, allowing you to refine your model.

Where can I have my Nanovia Mt & Cr pieces sintered ?

We have selected a partner for this service and will be communicating on it soon.

Where can i have my pieces in Nanovia Mt & Cr printed ?

We’ve identified several partners all specializing in different field, please contact us for specific information.

Does printing Nanovia Mt & Cr require any specialized equipment?

No, our range can be printed on most standard 3D printed without heat enclosure. It is however recommended to use a nozzle adapted for abrasive filaments.

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