Nanovia PEKK-PEI GF : Glass fibre reinforced

Le Nanovia PEKK-PEI GF est un matériau FFF technique, qui combine les propriétés mécaniques importantes du PEKK avec la résistance aux températures élevées du PEI, en combinant ces derniers grâce à un renfort en fibres de verre.

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3D Printing

Extrusion T°260 – 280 °C
Plate T°70 °C
Enclosure T°20 °C
Nozzle (minimum)0.5 mm
Diameter1.75 or 2.85 mm +/- 50 µm

Mechanical properties

Density1.27 g/cm3 (ISO 1183)
Traction res.4700 MPa (ISO 527)
Elong. at break1.2 % (ISO 527)
Elasticity mod.6 GPa (ISO 527)

Thermal properties

Operational temperature100 °C (ISO 75)
HDT A90 °C (ISO 75)
FlammabilityV0 UL 94 at 0.4 mm

Norm NF EN 45545-2

Conform to requirementsR22. R23
Risk levelHL1. HL2. HL3

Propriétés électriques

Surface resistance> 10^9 Ohm (DIN IEC 60093)
Insulation resistance> 10^9 Ohm (DIN IEC 60167)


Download the technical chart Download the security chart

Nanovia PA-6 Rail is a NF EN 45545-2 certified composite polyamide (nylon) and flame retardant ceramic filament. Easy to print. it does not require an enclosure.


  • Certified NF EN 45545-2 (R22. R23) and UL V0
  • No warping during the printing process
  • Can be printed without an enclosure


With an operational temperature of around 100°C. Nanovia PA Rail is suited for the creation of objects meant of high hazard risk environments.

  • Railway maintenance and replacement parts
  • Protection carter and electronics containers
  • Equipement and professional kitchen tools
  • rotection accesories and templates in tool shops (welding/grinding)
  • Adaptability equipments for hospitals

Application recommendations


  • Store Nanovia PA Rail in a dry and dark location. if possible with a desiccant.
  • In order to guarantee good printing conditions dehydrate Nanovia PA Rail at 60 °C for 4 hours or longer. when the spools has been exposed to moisture for an extended period.


With its accessible printing settings. the Nanovia PA Rail filament is useable on most commercially available 3D printers.

  • Extrusion temperature : 260 à 280 °C
  • Plate temperature : 70 °C

Health and safety


  • We recommend printing Nanovia PA Rail in a room equipped with air extraction or by using appropriate breathing equipment.

Post treatment

  • Standard safety equipment during the post treatment of your prints made with Nanovia PA Rail is recommended


  • Nanovia PA Rail RoHS certification : Nanovia PA Rail certified RoHS


  • Ultimaker Cura slicer material profile : lien


Spools are packed in individual boxes, sous-vide with desiccant. Spools are equipped with both a material traciblity and a production series number.

Other sizes available up to 25kg on demand.

500g53462009052182 g
2kg928930017552668 g