Nanovia PEKK-PEI GF : Glass fibre reinforced

Nanovia PEKK-PEI GF is a technical FFF filament develloped for high temperature situations with heavy mechancial contraints. This hybrid filament combines PEKK’s mechanical properties with PEI’s heat resistance reinforcing them with glass fibres.
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3D Printing

Extrusion T° 360 – 400 °C
Plate T°120 – 160 °C
Enclosure T°100 + °C
Nozzle (minimum)0.5 mm
Diameter1.75 ou 2.85 mm +/- 50 µm

Mechanical properties

Density1.27 g/cm3 (ISO 1183)

Thermal properties

Usage temperature200 °C

Nanovia PEKK-PEI GF is a FFF filament created by the SPRING consortium for the DGA and DGE under the RAPDID program. Read more

Designed for the aeronautical industry, Nanovia PEKK-PEI GF allows for vehicle parts in frequent contact with high temperature hydrocarbons thanks to its high chemical resistance. It’s also possible to replace traditionally metallic parts with a lighter alternative.


  • Mechanical resistance
  • Chemical resistance


  • Exhaust fume extraction
  • Mechanical parts in contact with combustion engines

Conseils d’utilisation


  • Store Nanovia PEKK-PEI GF in a dry and dark location, if possible with a desiccant.
  • In order to guarantee good printing conditions dehydrate PEKK-PEI GF at 110 °C for 4 hours or longer, when the spools has been exposed to moisture for an extended period.


  • Extrusion temperature : 360 à 400 °C
  • Heated bed temperature : 120 à 160 °C
  • Enclosure temperature : over 100 °C
  • In order to protect your equipment we recommend using a nozzle adapted for abrasive materials.


Spools are packed in individual boxes, vacuum sealed with desiccant. Spools are equipped with both a material traciblity and a production series number.

Other sizes available up to 25kg on demand.

500g53462009052182 g
2kg928930017552668 g