Nanovia PC-ABS : Demanding technical applications

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Nanovia PC-ABS combines the ease of printing of ABS, with the mechanical and thermal properties of polycarbonate. This material is ideal for demanding technical environments.

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3D Printing

Extrusion T°270 – 290 °C
Plate T°120 °C
Enclosure T° 90 °C
Nozzle (minimum)All
Printing speed20 – 60 mm/s
Diameter1.75 or 2.85 mm +/- 50µm

Mechanical properties

Density1,18 g/cm3 (ISO 1183)
Tensile modulus2560 MPa (ISO 527)
Tensile strength at break45 MPa (ISO 527)
Tensile elongation at break 43 % (ISO 527)
Charpy (notched)40 kJ/m2 at 23 °C(ISO 179/1eA)
15 kJ/m2 at -30 °C (ISO 179/1eA)
Izod (notched)50 kJ/m2 at 23 °C (IOS 179/1eA)

Thermal properties

FlammabilityV0 UL 94 at 1,5 mm (IEC 60695-11-10)


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Nanovia PC-ABS combines the strength of polycarbonate with the ease of printing of ABS, making polycarbonate printing accessible to a wide spectrum of 3D printers. Ideal for the production of shock resistant component such as sports protections (knee / shin / elbow). Thanks to its non-flammable properties it also lends itself to industrial applications.


  • Shock resistance
  • Easier to print compared to native polycarbonate

Application recommendations


  • Store Nanovia PC-ABS in a dry and dark location, if possible with a desiccant.
  • In order to guarantee good printing conditions dehydrate Nanovia PC-ABS at 60 °C for 4 hours or longer, when the spools has been exposed to moisture for an extended period.


  • Extrusion temperature : 270 – 290 °C
  • Plate temperature : 120 °C
  • Enclosure temperature : 90 °C

Post treatment

  • For an outdoor usage, it’s recommended either paint or apply a protective UV coating, both polycabonate and ABS are sensitive to UV radiation, and might “yellow” or crack otherwise in the long term.

Health and safety


  • We recommend printing Nanovia PC-ABS in a room equipped with air extraction or by using appropriate breathing equipment.

Post treatment

  • We recommend wearing standard safety equipment during the post treatment of your prints made with Nanovia PC-ABS.


  • Certification RoHS Nanovia PC-ABS : Nanovia PC-ABS certified RoHS


Spools are packed in individual boxes, sous-vide with desiccant. Spools are equipped with both a material traciblity and a production series number.

Other sizes available up to 25kg on demand.

500g53462009052182 g
2kg928930017552668 g

Additional information

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1.75 mm, 2.85 mm


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